SEO Birmingham UK

SEO Birmingham UK

During the last few years WebProStars have perfected the art of SEO  so you can be sure your web site will be optinised for the best chance of appearing  on the 1st page of Google search results where it should rightly belong! We deliver a truly tailored SEO service that is designed to deliver the best results for your web site / business sector which also meets your budget.

Return on Investment (ROI) is our primary focus on all of the SEO packages we offer: we are brilliant at turning under performing web sites with little or no on-line presence into web sites that get the attention they deserve. This means that over time your web site will attract real and highly targeted traffic. You will soon see that after  a few months of working with WebProStars you will see a great increase in rankings for your specific keywords relating to the services / products you offer on your web site. We only use White Hat (Safe) SEO techniques for all the web sites we work on to ensure we stay friends with Google and other search engines.

Organic Vs. Pay Per Click

When using a search engine such as Google, the displayed results are a mixture of adverts and organic results. Pay Per Click (PPC) means that companies / advertisers are paying a fee to the serch engine company each time a web user clicks the link in the advert and goes to the advertisers web site. The cost of each click can vary anywhere between 10p through to several pounds dependent on the level of companies wanting to advertise for the specified keywords.

Organic search results are web sites that have been selected by Google as the best / relevant web sites it thinks should be displayed for the search terms the web user has typed into the search bar area. These organic search results are free of charge listings and are determined by a complex algorithm devised (and regularly updated) by Google in order to rate / filter a web sites value / relevance to the user.

WebProStars are a Midlands based  SEO / Web Marketing Company who specialise in getting web sites to the top of the organic search results by implementing our bespoke SEO Service. This will mean that once you are high in the ‘natural’ search results you won’t be charged for clicks through to your site by Google and you should begin to notice more visitors to your web site and more importantly more enquiries for your services or sales if you operate an e-commerce web site.

A lot of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.

Make your website a valuable business generation tool with SEO.

Improving your search engine results will increase the number of visitors to your web site. However increasing the visitors alone does not necessarily mean you will automatically get more sales or leads from your web site. Once you have increased the number of visitors to your web site you will ideally need to monitor the the visitors to get a good understanding of user behaviour to fully maximise on the potential – this is something that we can help with if required.

Getting Targeted / Relevant Traffic

One of the key elements of online success is being able to get targeted traffic to your web site. This will mean selecting the right keywords and key phases that bring the right kind of visitors to your web site. It all starts by getting in to the mindset of your potential customers, thinking about what they might type into the search bar would search in order to find what you offer. Again, WebProStars will be able to help with keyword / phrase selection as part of our SEO service.

Keywords and Key Phases

Keywords are the words a potential customer  / visitor will search for in order to find your web site / company. Key phrases are those words combined in to a phrase. For example: ‘SEO’ and ‘Birmingham’ are keywords ‘SEO Birmingham’ is a key phrase.

Optimised Web Site Design

Ranking highly in the search engines for the keywords and phases your potential customers will search for is only half the battle. Once your online visitors arrive at  your web site there are a number of factors that could make the difference between a sale or lead or a bounce. (A bounce is a visitor that leaves your site without clicking through to any other pages.)

So… How Can We Help?

We hope by now you are starting to see how important and beneficial quality SEO services can be for any type of business. If you are interested in talking to a Birmingham SEO Company and taking the next step then you can call us on the number listed below or just fill out the contact form

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